Quality strains and curing will produce the best products. 

NordikLeaf is founded on the premise of delivering a quality product in the rapidly growing and undersupplied legal marijuana market. Focusing initially on medical marijuana, and with recreational use being legislated in October 2018, NordikLeaf will offer a range of products, maximizing revenue potential and securing market share with a recognizable brand and customer-validated quality.

We have secured a 50,000 square foot facility in Perth, Ontario which is situation on an additional 20 acres of land for the purposes of growing medical marijuana. Our facility will utilize completely independent climate control giving us the ability to maximize yield and quality for each grow room.

Existing suppliers have either quality with their small "boutique" size or have achieved large scale with an industry recognized low quality product. NordikLeaf’s business plan is to achieve the highest quality at large-scale production without compromising quality.

Safest and Best

At NordikLeaf, we strive for perfection and will be refining and using the safest and best industry leading cleaning procedures.

Master Growers

We will be developing new innovative strains thanks to our knowledgable team of Master Growers with combined industry experience in excess of 40 years.

Clean and Cured

Our facility, created by a team of experts, combines best practices and will produce clean and cured quality products at scale.